Diamonds sold as VS clarity grade.

Have you purchased a ring or any jewelry piece and found out later that it is NOT what you thought you paid for? Or, have you went to a jeweler for repair and somehow it was not the same diamond that you dropped off a few weeks ago for repair or re-size?

At Superior Gemological Laboratory, we use our professional expertise to inspect each piece thoroughly. Checking the stones on the piece including their condition (broken, chipped, etc.), setting imperfections and poor workmanship. Also providing magnified high quality images that supports our findings with written reports. All this provided in a friendly environment during your presence.

We believe any jewelry piece has its sentimental and great asset to its owner, where you prefer NOT to leave your valuables in possession of others. Our goal is to make sure a jewelry owner has a very clear idea what kind of jewelry they have bought and at the same time to protect their rights to get compensated for fraudulent jewelry sales.