The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) created the 4 Cs grading system. GIA is known for having the strictest grading standards of the leading labs and is also the most consistent. The GIA certificate is considered the benchmark to which all others are compared.

The services of an independent appraiser with a “Graduate Gemologist” degree from GIA understands the importance of today’s complex market environment. A diamond certificate, also known as a diamond report, is issued by an accredited independent gemological laboratory, such as Superior Gemological Laboratory.  In addition to the diamond’s carat weight and measurements, a certificate includes grades for the diamond’s cut, color and clarity.  These grades, however, are the opinion of the individual at the lab who graded the diamond, based on the lab’s own subjective grading standards. At SGL, Jack Naljian, a GIA Graduate Gemologist, will also include other highly-relevant information about the diamond’s symmetry, polish and fluorescence, and also a graphical depiction of the diamond showing the location of the diamond’s inclusions or imperfections.

As consumers have grown in sophistication and education, diamonds have gotten more costly, and various (previously unheard-of) treatments and ethical issues have arisen over the years.  In the past, a potential diamond purchaser might have feared that a diamond might be misrepresented as to color, clarity or weight. Now, however, there are a many reasonable questions by customers:

  • Is the stone a real diamond? Or is it man-made?   Could it possibly be color-treated? Is it an altered diamond? Or is it totally phony?
  • Has the stone had some kind of a temporary or permanent “treatment” applied?
  • Is the information on the diamond certificate accurate?
  • Is the stone “broken” or “damaged”?
  • Is the diamond identical to the one in the diamond certificate?
  • Does the diamond certificate provide enough information for me to make an informed decision to buy or sell?

SGL’s GIA Graduate Gemologist will cover these issues for you and advise in your transaction that could potentially cost you thousands of dollars.  SGL’s grading standards are stricter than most others when grading Cut, Color and Clarity.  This process ensures that our own grading standards reflect an accurate opinion based on the strictest of guidelines.  With GIA’s “Four Cs,” only “Carat” weight is consistent among certificates since it is fact-based, whereas “Cut,” “Clarity,” and “Color” are simply an educated opinion by the appraiser.  SGL’s demanding and strict approach to grading ensures that we consistently provide our customers with truthful, trustworthy, and dependable diamond grades.
Due to the intricacies and time-consuming nature, Gem Certification service will require a one-to-two business day turnaround.