Why Superior Gemological Laboratory?

Superior Gemological Laboratory's services are truly unrivaled when it comes to service and quality, whether it is for appraisals, certificates or inspection reports. Thanks to a unique and proprietary custom-designed software, SGL is proud to be a GemRap Member which is the first and only provider of jewelry appraisals, diamond certificates and inspection reports with unique report numbers and access codes. This exclusive GemRap feature provides its members and authorized third parties online access to copies of the same report or certificate, with access to additional, high-quality and multi-angle digital images and 360° Animation of the merchandise.

Our unique online access features allow for various benefits to the end-user and authorized third-parties, including:

  • Allowing a report or certificate owner to order duplicates in case of a loss or theft;
  • Allowing a report or certificate owner to access multiple, high-resolution pictures of diamonds, gem and/or jewelry;
  • Providing insurance companies access to appraisals and reports for items subject to a loss claim; and
  • Providing businesses with an SGL appraisal to offer customers these same added benefits.

Providing secure online accessible jewelry appraisal services to government agencies, banks, attorneys, and celebrity clients.

Whether we're appraising rings, bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, our facility is guarded and insured so your mind can rest at ease knowing your jewelry is safe and secure while it is in our care. Give us a call today or book an appointment online for your jewelry appraisal needs.

Email has changed our world the last few decades. However, with so much sensitive data at stake (name, address, image and value of the appraised product), when was the last time a credit card company, a bank, or an investment firm emailed their customer sensitive information, such as statements? Because even email accounts get hacked and information is stolen. Of course any appraiser can email appraisals to their customers. However, email is not a safe option at Superior Gemological Laboratory.

To ensure the safety of our customers, we validate parking for the parking structure adjacent to our building, located at 625 S. Hill St. (Minimum $100 purchase required for validation.)

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Access Appraisal/Certificate

Verify the authenticity of our appraisals and certificates. Simply enter the Appraisal/Certificate number and Access Code located on the top-right corner of your appraisal/certificate and view a copy of the certificate with multiple images online.

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee the safety and security of your precious jewels during the appraisal/inspection process. Appraisals and Inspections can be done while you wait.

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Need Inspection?

Do you feel the diamond you bought is not the quality you paid for? We will provide professional inspection with supported images while you wait.

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